Why Smart TV?

Smart TV is a completely free, contract-less service.It comes with Freeview HD built-in and a range of instant access apps for you to browse freely.
Unlike traditional costly yearly services, apps on Smart TV such as Netflix and NOWTV allow you to be flexible with your payments, with pay as you go and monthly options. It puts you in control of your entertainment - but more importantly - the bills too. You can also enjoy outstanding Ultra HD TV via selected streaming services.
If you don't fancy chucking your set-top box and excess bills away just yet? That’s cool, your Smart TV will connect with your set-top-box and offer increased ease of use through the universal remote and other services. Simply. Easily. Smartly.
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LG Smart TV with revolutionary webOS comes with 4G Dongle plug & Play so that you can enjoy high speed internet. Directly plug-in and experience blazing fast 4G Internet speed on your TV.

Press quick setting button on remote and set TV environment without blocking your current view and quickly, easily set your TV for optimal viewing pleasure.

LG Smart TV boots in a few seconds when you switch on the TV. Not only that you can launch apps faster in it. Just press the home button and start using your favourite apps instantly.

Get faster access to your favourite apps with the help of launcher bar. That’s not all, you can also customize the launcher bar and arrange your favourite apps as per your convenience.

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